Translation French

When you stop to think about it, many things can go wrong: mistranslations, inaccuracies, calque, barbarism, and so on and so forth! The list is long and colorful!… And don’t get us started on machine translation: Albeit a quick and (apparently) cheap solution, it is hardly more than an aberration that may mislead the user and/or reflect poorly on the product being advertised.

Therefore, the translator needs to be an excellent (human) linguist who masters each and every aspect of their native tongue (French, in that case) and has an excellent command of the source language; an expert linguistic technician who knows their way around the many subtleties of phraseology & lingo, and is able to weigh the value of each word and each terminological combination to produce a finely-tuned text that non only conveys the original meaning, but sounds good and is pleasant to read as well.