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Your company needs really good translations. At Swesteng, we know that every assignment is unique and treat all our jobs accordingly. We understand that texts sometimes need to be edited in order to match the tone of a particular language, and rework our translations until its nuances fit the target language perfectly. We offer translation of technical manuals in order to enable you to reach out to your customers with accurate and reliable material. Swesteng always delivers when you want translations of the very highest quality – put us to the test!

Why choose us

Technical translations

At Swesteng, we work with all kinds of translations, but we particularly specialise in texts that deal with denser subjects, such as science and technology.

The right translator for the right job

A technical translation sometimes requires specialist knowledge, and we are careful to ensure that your assignment is given to the most suitable translator.

Translate with the right nuance

We adapt all of our translations according to the intended target audience and ensure that both tone and message match the recipient’s language.

Swesteng Översättningar works with


Translation is the process of conveying the meaning of a text in a language other than that in which it was originally written. We translate all types of text in many different languages, including Danish, German, French and Spanish. What’s more, we handle a wide variety of text styles, everything from books to manuals. Read more


Localisation involves the adaptation of a text that has been translated to another language to comply with the linguistic needs of a particular region or target audience, i.e. writing the text with a particular tone or feel. Localisation also includes cultural adaptation – the process of ensuring that the text is received correctly. Read more


The purpose of editing is to improve the structure of a text, and to ensure that it flows and is easy to read. We help you with editing so that you get texts that are of the highest possible quality. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you. Read more


We help you with the proofreading of your texts, giving you piece of mind that your material always is linguistically accurate and grammatically correct. When you engage our services, you can rest assured that you will always receive a completely flawless result. Maybe the writer has missed a full stop, used a symbol incorrectly or been inconsistent in their use of language. Our translation agency ensures that your texts are of the highest standard and can be sent straight to print, all while you can feel confident that everything is correct. Read more

These are the languages we translate most often:

Translation Swedish

Translations to and from Swedish has been one of our agency’s service options since 2015. The Swedish language has its own special rules that only native speakers are familiar with and our Swedish translators are native Swedes living in Sweden. Read more

Translation Danish

Between the Nordic languages it’s important to look out for words, which at first hand seem to be the same with the same meaning, but actually have completely different meanings, although the spelling is the same as in Danish. Read more

Translation German

EU’s most widely spoken native language offers many challenges and peculiarities. With its many cases, genders, a complicated word order and sentence structures where the verb can be moved all the way to the end, it can surely feel difficult. Read more

Translation French

 Grammar, gender, sequence of tenses… translating into French is an art that very few actually master. Not only does the localized text have to convey the original meaning, but it needs to sound good and be pleasant to read as well, which is not an easy treat. Read more

Translation Spanish

Spanish is a Romance language, i.e. derived from Latin, which means that it shares several characteristics with other Romance languages such as Italian, Portuguese or French, such as noun genders or verbal conjugations. Read more

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