Translation Danish

The Danish language also has a very specific system of numbers where you have to multiply the basic numbers to get a higher number. For example 7 – syv, but 70 – halvfjerds (half-fourth-times-twenty).

Danes are very good at English, so it’s tempting to just use as many of the English words as possible directly in the target, instead of using perfectly well-known Danish equivalents. For example ‘download’ vs. ‘hente’ (‘ladda ner’). You have to know who your target audience is.

Danes are very good at English”, but it’s important not to get overly confident, but still actually do research when in doubt.

Between the Nordic languages it’s important to look out for words, which at first hand seem to be the same with the same meaning, but actually have completely different meanings, although the spelling is the same as in Danish.

Phrases: “A black eye” is “a blue eye” in Danish, and so on.