About Kaisa

Kaisa likes to move calmly through life, in harmony with herself. She mostly succeeds in the latter by being present in every moment, through meditation and by continuously discovering her inner wisdom. She loves to do joga, and in contrast to the calm movements of that activity, she sometimes hops on her city bike and rides to Lake Mälaren to sunbathe and enjoy the water. She thoroughly enjoys the extremely diverse nature of Sweden. The vast expanses of water and the beautiful cliffs lure her and her family to different places in order to hike and draw energy from the landscape. Nature’s beauty and magic also give Kaisa inspiration for her photography, and she never travels without her camera.

Kaisa studied law at the University of Tartu and after she graduated, she practiced law for many years. Kaisa then had the chance to live in Sweden, and a new work challenge has presented itself with the opportunity to join the lovely Swesteng team.

Her colleagues say:
When you’re with Kaisa, it feels like you’re with an old friend even though your acquaintance might be brief. Kaisa is very sweet, full of life and open-minded.

Kaisas languages: Swedish, English, Estonian