Our story

Story of Swesteng

To tell you our story, we need to go back to 1980-s. Our founder and CEO Ave was a little girl who loved Astrid Lindgren’s books and one of those – „Bullerby Children“ – was her special favorite. She used to spend her summers at her grandmother’s house in South-Estonia, in the middle of forests and fields, and the feeling down there was very similar to what Astrid Lindgren has described in her book.

In the 2000-s, when Stieg Larsson’s Millenium came out, Ave discovered herself getting lost in those books. Two Swedish authors and an Estonian girl who lived in Australia back then. She started to learn Swedish in order to read her beloved storytellers’ books in their original language. As a freelance translator, Ave also found that she could connect the interesting and the useful – to read the books and to hope to translate from Swedish one day when she have worked long and hard on her Swedish language.

A seed was sown and in 2011 Ave founded a company called Swesteng Languages and later on its subsidiary Swesteng Översättningar.

First she translated between Swedish, Estonian and English – as the name of the company tells. Soon she started to receive inquires for other languages and the team grew bigger. The name Swesteng soon meant a lot more than just the three languages, now we provide these services and a lot more…